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Today's things done

Here's wishing everyone a belated happy May day!

The UK really hasn't fully adapted to the concept of the May day bank holiday, so when we went out for lunch on Saturday, the pub was pretty quiet. Though it is possible that everyone had gone to the seaside.

Due to the fact that I don't work Mondays anyway, I'm not getting any extra time off and because G has been off work, it's felt like Sunday all day. So I've just suddenly gone, "Aarrgghh!" and realised that I'm in work tomorrow and I'm not geared up for it.

  • Marked 1 fiction writing assignment

  • Wrote email to student explaining that her assignment was submitted past the deadline and that unless she manages to convince the Powers That Be that she had a really good reason for the lateness, she will have failed the course.

  • Converted another assignment from StarOffice to Word format ready for marking

  • Did a load of washing

  • Put washing in the dryer

  • Worked out an order for various Betterware products (Useful Containers and a steam cleaner)

  • Mowed the front grass

Still to do: have bath, wash hair, iron sufficient shirts for the week.

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