Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Useful things done

As I feel like I'm hanging on to a small ledge, half way down the crumbling cliff that surrounds the Pit of Depression, I'm trying to concentrate on the Useful Things I do actually manage to get done.

Insurance for G's new Daihatsu
Before work I nipped into town to check up on the insurance for G's new Daihatsu. For some reason, the existing insurer wouldn't transfer the existing policy. This will mean that we'll have to take out a new policy with a new insurer and get nothing back on the other one because the rate for 6 months insurance is almost the same as for 1 year. I confirmed that our insurance broker is still looking into it, so I don't need to pay any money yet, but that G is definitely covered. Phew! I'd been feeling guilty about this because I had said I'd pop in over a week ago, but hadn't managed to do it.

Bought necessary items
Whilst in town I popped into Boots the chemist and bought evening primrose oil and a new tube of tinted moisturiser. Also collected the local paper and Radio Times from the newsagents.

After scurrying into town I did walk back the pretty way, round the edge of the playing fields, on the path that runs alongside the river. So I did a little bit of exercise before going into work.

The beginners' class this afternoon tried my patience somewhat. It took us nearly 2 hours to work through the "mouserobics" and didn't get very far with the picture in Paint at all. *Sigh*

Next week we tackle the keyboard...

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