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Writing progress

Words written today: 200 or so
Word written total: N/A
Percentage complete: N/A
Reason for stopping: End of G's talk

I managed an hour's brainstorming and note making whilst listening to G give a talk about his Ph.D. research to the North Wales Naturalist Trust.

G had borrowed a computer projector from the college in order to give his PowerPoint presentation. (Which -- any PowerPointophobes out there please note! -- contained not one single bullet point.) I had gone along as his technical assistant because he needed to use my laptop. So while he talked, I sat at the back and scribbled in my notebook. I don't know whether the woman sitting next to me thought I was eagerly making notes on the talk, but I was in fact writing a To Do list for the research and also jotting down some thoughts on background.

  • Character notes for Bethany Brimble

  • Character notes for Taliesin Jones

  • Re-read Mabinogion

  • Begin circular diagram and put known stuff onto it

  • Buy map of North Wales coast (Rhyl/Rhuddlan area)

  • Re-read folklore book to decide yearly events/customs

  • Read Welsh history 1800s to present to work out divergence points for alternate Wales

  • Read dog book

  • Read spell book

  • Re-read Sir John Rhys's Celtic Folklore Welsh and Manx -- or at least the relevant bits for North Wales in order to get a handle on the Welsh fairies and any other creatures/people who might attend the college.

  • Read up about religion and superstition in Wales in the late 19th-early 20th centuries -- sin eaters?

  • Read Borrow's Wild Wales

Oh, and I also decided on the name for Bethany's little dog. I already knew he was a Yorkshire terrier. I now know he's called Carlo.

And I haven't yet got an icon for this book, though I have a working title Revealing Secrets
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