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Pre-writing progress

Words written today: Some in the notes for the novel
Word written total: N/A
Percentage complete: 0%
Daily average required to complete by deadline: 190
Reason for stopping: Had to get on with othe stuff.

I've actually managed to do an hour of "pre-writing" -- what the course I tutor on calls it -- for the new novel. Mostly it was just reading through the scrappy notes I've been scribbling down during the months I've been waiting for Revealing Secrets to come to the top of the queue. I typed some bits up and just tried to absorb the rest. I discarded a couple of sheets as no longer relevant or now superceded by better ideas.

Not that I usually refer to the notes much once I start writing, but I find that the process of writing them uploads the necessary information to my brain.

I don't do an awful lot of conscious world building or plotting. My conscious mind is far too dull and comes up with boring and logical stuff. I try to leave as much as possible to the unconscious. So it's just a matter of feeding it a nutritious diet and letting it get on with it.

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