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Pre-writing progress

Today I titivated the spreadsheet for Revealing Secrets so that it would calculate current daily average word count (0 words) as well as the daily average required in order to complete by my self-imposed deadline of 31 August 2007 (191 words), also the current credit or deficit (-191 words). Added conditional cell formatting so that the -191 words showed in bold and red.

Actual work done on the novel: none.

But it is simmering away and I think it'll be ready to try writing real new words at the weekend. Currently too busy panicking about having everything ready for the US trip to feel settled enough to write in these early morning slots.

I still don't quite know what kind of voice I want and still not totally sure whether Tal gets a POV or whether it's all Bethany, but suspect that the only way to find it is to write the first couple of scenes. I do know what happens in those, then that should get the whole novel rolling forwards and I can research/plan as we go and it becomes clearer what I do need to research/plan.
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