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The submission process

Spent some time this morning Googling for details on a few more publishers. The novel will be going out again on Monday, but I wanted another publisher in hand in case of rejection. Another one will take unsolicited submissions, that is.

Not very easy to find.

However, I have one now and so can send the novel out into the cruel heartless world again on Monday, knowing that should it return unsucessful, I can turn it straight round without having to find a new potential home whilst under the influence of a rejection slip.

I'm still thinking about agents. I'm not going to rush this time. I've had two agents before (not simultaneously, you understand, about 10 years apart) and neither worked out long term. Not that there was anything wrong with either agent, it was just that the book they were trying to place didn't quite make it. Both then decided to shed their new and unpublished authors because in the first instance the agent had an unexpected family drama to cope with and in the second instance, his doctor had warned him he was doing too much and needed to slow down.

Worried now that I should call myself llygoden Doom of Agents. Should I warn any agents about my track record?

Ooops! Probably shouldn't have mentioned it here as agents might see it. *g*

Will try to talk to published author friends at WisCon about what to look for in an agent. I'm thinking that youth (yet combined with experience, naturally!), good health and an absence of estranged siblings would be a good starting point.
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