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I can relax for a moment

Phew! That was exhausting...

This is my first week with students back in the college and Wednesday is my long day when I teach a morning, afternoon and evening session.

But what's exhausting about these first sessions is not teaching the IT, it's filling in the bloody college enrolment forms. ELWa (which is the new combined funding body for education and training in Wales) have decided in their wisdom to have a hugely complicated form that, in addition to the useful stuff we actually need, like student's name and address, asks all sort of deeply personal questions. At any rate at least one of the questions is not the sort of thing I feel I should be asking students to answer in a classroom situation, though it's fine in a one-to-one confidential setting. And most of the stuff they want isn't relevant to mature students on a part-time course. As one of my elderly retired students said this afternoon (when asked to name the last school he attended), "My old school's a cafe now."

Just grabbing a quick cup of tea and a glance at LJ before heading back to base with a pile of forms to process.

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