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Why I can't plan scenes too far ahead

I like looking back at old LJ entries to see what I was doing on this day 1 and 2 years ago. So I found this.

But yesterday, driving to work, it suddenly came to me that when Ceri goes to "steal" the mountain, Gladdis the Hag and Edmund the Dead Warrior King should try to stop her. Ceri refuses to be intimidated and convinces them to help her in her desperate plan.

That's what I wrote back in May 2004. But when I came to actually write that scene last autumn, when Ceri saw that they had lost and the mountain was to be sold to someone else, there was no way she would think of making off with it. The thought just wouldn't have arisen and to make her carry out the scene as I envisioned it eighteen months before would have felt all wrong; the character would have to be pushed around to fit the necessities of the plot, rather than behaving naturally.

However, I realised that what Ceri would think of doing was to attempt to buy Wil and the others more time by trying to vandalise the lifting arrays. This is now what Gladdis and Edmund stop her from doing and then the decision to pinch the mountain just sort of arises from the conversation at that point.

So when it comes down to it, I can partly plan, but often even what I think of as Key Scenes are not quite how I imagined them when I eventually get to write them. The key image is always there; Ceri did fly the mountain with baby Pip and the cat Miffin at her side, but the lead up to it was rather different from what I initially thought.
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