Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Packing and travel to the US

Just a very quick post to say that I will be heading out to the US on Wednesday. However, I will actually be setting off from home tomorrow.

This is because there's the slight inconvenience of a day's work to fit in on Tuesday. Work is much nearer to the airport than home is, and the flight is early on Wednesday morning, so it makes no sense to drive home after Tuesday's evening class only to have to set out again a few hours later at the crack of dawn. So I'm staying overnight in a Travelodge en route to the airport.

All I have to do then is get up early Wednesday, drive to the airport and find the parking, then I'll all set for my flight.

The rest of today will be spent finishing the ironing and packing, also buying food for the freezer, so G won't starve when he returns while I'm still at WisCon. Oh, and a quick tidy around would be good too. And there's some paperwork for the day job I need to finish so I can hand it in tomorrow.

I may check into LJ briefly from WisCon, but really won't be reading my friends list for a about a week. Email if there's anything important I need to know.

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