Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A week of detours

Since returning to work after the trip to WisCon, I seem to be plagued by detours.

There's a major detour on the A5 at Ty Nant, which doesn't actually affect me, except insofar as it means that there's extra traffic on my normal route because cars that would have gone down the A5 are being routed down the A494. Apparently that's due to falling rocks necessitating major work.

But on Monday I was heading in to work and had barely left Bala before I found the road blocked by a police car with flashing blue lights and a Diversion sign. Without ceremony, all traffic was being herded off down a lane. I followed thinking, "F*&%! Now where are we going?"

So I got to see the little villages of Llandderfel and Llandrillo and Cynwyd before arriving on the outskirts of Corwen, at which point I knew where I was once more. My assumption that that diversion was due to an accident was confirmed once I drove back that night to see all the white paintmarks on the road and the sign asking for witnesses. This means it was a serious crash, possibly including fatalities.

Then, yesterday, I was driving back from Wrexham to Ruthin when I had to brake hard to avoid running into the back of a queue at traffic lights. The queue had stretched well beyond the first warning sign saying there were lights 300 metres ahead. We queued. We edged forwards occasionally. Heaven knows what was going on ahead, but eventually I reached a lane leading off to the left. At this point the car in front of me made a break for freedom down the lane, closely followed by a car from one or two back in the queue. They set off with such purpose, that I felt sure they knew where they were going. So gambling that they were locals and ignoring the "Unsuitable for motor vehicles" sign, I followed. We trundled along a lane for a while, clearly running parallel with the main road I wanted to be on and which I could occasionally glimpse in the distance. And it was only a bit bumpy in places and just about OK for the car, without even having to slow to a crawl. And indeed we did eventually arrive back at the main road and I got back to the college only slightly delayed.

1Do other nations enjoy endless conversations about roads and routes and where the road works are and whether it's best to go on the bypass, thus having to negotiate the contra-flow system where there's resurfacing work or whether to risk the traffic in the town centre?

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