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Wales and the World Cup

Of course Wales didn't qualify for the World Cup, so things are pretty low key around here. Our local paper did draw its readers' attention to the following warning: Important information for drivers. A number of bad drivers have been spotted on this side of the border, so I'll need to watch out. *g*

With regard to what team to support, apparently many Welsh fans have decided to cheer on Trinidad and Tobago. This isn't just a case of following the principle of, "I support two teams: Wales and whoever is playing against England", but is due to the fact that one player in the Trinidad and Tobago team, Dennis Lawrence, normally plays for Wrexham. Also many of the others play for Scottish clubs, so being honorary fellow Celts and the smallest nation ever to qualify, the Welsh have decided to back them.

There's nothing like supporting the underdog! Go Trinidad and Tobago!

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