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Three steps forward, two back

It was a succession of good things and not so good things this week.

Good thing: The new bed that was delivered and assembled last Monday is a wonderful improvement. I no longer wake up with a stiff back that only loosens up as the day progresses.

Bad thing: Teaching the Italian groups this year is going to be especially stressful because The Powers That Be have decided that the youths should do an IT qualification and they have also decided that that qualification should be the OCN digital photography. This decision was taken without The Powers That Be knowing just how much is involved in the assessment for the digital photography OCN qualification. TPTB, having now seen the handouts and assessment tasks, are now worried that the Italian's English language skills may not be up to it. Sigh... We tutors knew that from the start.

Good thing: I have managed to clear most of the outstanding paperwork for my courses, ie enrolment and leaver forms. Just a couple of classes to deal with next week. Then I can start on marking the assessment tasks and Internally Verifying other tutors' work and making sure the paperwork is passed on to the woman who claims the certificates from the awarding bodies.

Bad thing: I have finally realised that I'm getting nowhere with persuading Watford Electronics to replace the faulty computer they sold me. They say that they prefer to communicate via email, but then they just don't reply to messages.

Good thing: Having made that decision, I am off out today to buy a computer, then I will just fight to return the Watford Electronics one and get my money back. Fortunately I am in a position where I can afford to do that; many people wouldn't be able to.

It's especially annoying to be let down by a company that we have used for over 25 years and have had many good and reliable computers from. My current desktop machine is over 7 years old and the monitor is even older. And though it's obviously on its last legs, it has never gone wrong in all that time. We have had in total 5 Aries PCs and they've all been fine. All were replaced in order to get a more powerful machine, not because the existing machine failed. They were also all passed on to another user. But the company now seems to be having serious problems re quality and customer service.

This time I'm just going to drive to a computer store and bring one home with me. I can't be doing any more with waiting in for delivery people and also if there's anything wrong with it, I can take it back myself and demand that it's dealt with.

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