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Where did the day go?

I've done hardly anything on my To Do list. Despite it being of modest proportions and having on it things like one "Catch up with LiveJournal" and "update my own journal".

There were various things I thought of to write about in the latter part of the week, but I've now forgotten what they were; they got swamped in the general business of the first week of full timetable with students.

Friday morning I had the long haul of the 4 hour intensive ECDL course with a bunch of our local authority's staff. I spent the afternoon updating our online class lists and phoning students who hadn't turned up to the first session. This led to me having to remove some students as, for various reasons, they no longer wanted to do the course. I also discovered quite a few were on holiday, so I'm still hoping they'll join the course late when they get back. Thankfully most of my classes are now OK and will go ahead; but one class will have to be amalgamated with another as there weren't enough people on it.

Watching the TV programme Airport last night, I felt glad that I didn't work on airport check in. It was bad enough organising a few dozen students onto 6 courses, and I only do it once a year. Check in staff have to do it all the time, and the passengers are physically present and often in a very stressed state.

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