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Our son M came home on Friday and stayed until Sunday. He hasn't managed to get away since Christmas, what with his job and doing up the house he and his fiancee now live in and also finally getting down to the dissertation for his M.Sc. So it was good to see him again.

On Saturday we went up to North Wales to see my Dad, who still does remarkably well, considering he's now 85. We chatted about family stuff and I showed him my pictures of the US, which I'd copied to M's laptop.

Otherwise it was a quiet weekend: lunch out on Sunday after M had set off back to South Wales and mooching around doing not very much today.

However, I did declutter 4 large cardboard boxes. Two went into the garage in case -- heaven forbid! -- I have to return my nice new computer for repairs. The other two were used to pack up the dead computer for return to Watford Electronics aka Savastore.

I had given them a deadline in my last email but I'd had no reply to the last two messages I'd sent requesting instructions on how to return the useless computer to them. So I gritted my teeth, overcame my phonophobia and called the Customer Service line. After all the horror stories on the web, I didn't do too badly. They only kept me on hold for about 7 mins and the woman who answered was helpful and apologetic. She did try to fob me off with her email address, but I held out for instructions on how to return the thing and she organised it manually. She did say that an automated email with instructions for returning the items had gone out on 8 May, but it's strange that all other emails they have sent have been received just fine and only that one went astray.

Anyway, the dead computer is all packaged up and hopefully will be collected from my place of work on Wednesday. We shall see...

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