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A day at the seaside

The air is hot. The clouds appear motionless and the leaves are utterly still. The thermometer says it's 30 deg C in my study and I am tired.

Useful things done today:

- put masses of CDs on the new computer
- transferred music to iPod
- washed all G's work trousers (plus a few other items)
- dried trousers and mended a split seam
- found other clothes needed for his trip
- ironed 3 shirts
- drove G to station in Llandudno Junction where he was getting the train to Dundee

After this I went on to Llandudno proper. It was actually spitting with rain when I arrived, but it came to nothing and I browsed M&S for new trousers for G, bought a sandwich and then went to eat it on the seafront. (This is traditional.) Llandudno seemed more crowded than I've seen it for years. Though perhaps that's because I don't often to there in summer.

I then failed to find jogging trousers or sports bra in the "sports" shop. I did, however, snaffle up a selection of new and different music in a CD shop that had a good variety of stuff, not just the chart albums and singles.

I finally wandered back to the carpark, purchasing a pair of the trousers reconnoitred earlier.

At least the long hot drive home was enlivened by listening to music I haven't heard for six months, delivered by iPod and tape cassette gadget to play music through the car speakers.

I am now tired, but still have to write and print a brief covering letter for the agent to accompany the first 50 pages of Moving a Mountain. Other stuff -- other than ironing a couple of tops for work -- will have to wait.

I have decided that I'm going to take the whole of Wednesday off, not just the morning. I am owed time off in lieu of the extra classes I've done and I'll be working 4 evenings this week. Ya, boo, sucks! I usually indulge myself while G is away by watching various DVDs of the sort that he doesn't like, but no such luck this time.

At least I don't have to go to Wrexham on Tuesday. On the other hand, I do have to go to Bangor for a meeting, which is just as far. Oh, well... At least I have music to listen to while I drive. *g*

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