October 15th, 2003

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Sod's law strikes again

I ought to have realised that the class that ended up slightly oversubscribed (11 students and 11 computers) would be made up of highly motivated, regular attenders who turn up without fail to every session. When you secretly want one to drop out, they don't, whereas if you have a small class that's only just big enough to go ahead, people will stop coming on the slightest pretext and the class dwindles to nothing and you end up being given heaven knows what to make up your hours. Sigh…

This morning the Class That Will Only Just Fit in the computer room turned stressful once more when one of the computers went dead unexpectedly in mid task. Fortunately, I had my laptop with me, so the student could use that while I phoned the technician and asked him to come to my rescue. (I was teaching in one of the out centres, not in the main college.) Technician diagnosed a dodgy cable, which he then replaced and all was well again. Relief!
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Writing progress

Words written last night (hand-written first draft) in the time slot between finishing work and starting to teach the evening class: 514

Three new characters materialised. Or you could say it was four if you count the great black cat that scares Miffin (Wil and Ceri's cat) at the end of the scene. So I now have some of the supernatural denizens of the magic mountain, namely: the hag, the warrior king and the boogan. And the great black cat, of course, but he or she doesn't say anything.

I intend to post a review of my writing progress over the last couple of weeks, but all my spreadsheets are at home and I'm at work, typing this while eating my lunch. But it is interesting to note that although I haven’t been hitting my targets, I have been writing noticeably more since I not only started setting a weekly target (as opposed to a monthly one, which I've been doing for some time) but started reviewing them each Sunday and keeping a written record of the review.
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