October 26th, 2003

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Writers write, that's what they do.

Quote from interview with Nicola Griffiths.

"Do the work. It's not about talent, though that's important. It's not about the connections, though that, too, will make a difference. It's not even about the ideas (which, honestly, are bottom on the list in terms of what matters). It's about the work. Wanting to be a writer, talking about writing, planning to write one day -- none of these things makes you a writer. Writers write. Writers who are talented, and lucky, and very, very stubborn get published. But essentially, writers write."

Sigh... I do write, but very very slowly. I still need to sort out why I get no writing done at weekends when, in theory, I have time, yet I can write in odd corners of time in the working week.
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Shopping and then to see a film

G surprised me yesterday by saying that we ought to go and buy him a new jacket. He's needed a new jacket for months, but I haven't dared suggest a trip to the shops because normally he's a shopophobic. He then further surprised me by suggesting that we went to see a film. A quick check on the Internet revealed that Calendar Girls (a mutually acceptable option) was on at the multiplex in Llandudno Junction. So we went first to Porthmadog to buy G a new tweed sports jacket (the sort of thing Giles might wear), then on via Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno Junction where we had a meal at the Pizza Hut before watchig the film.

It was relaxing viewing, undemanding but funny. Even with the long drive home afterwards, it was a fun day out. It's such a normal thing for most people, but unusual for us (hence writing about it here); in fact going to the cinema twice in one year is unprecedented for G. And he's said that we must go and see The Return of the King (Trailer for which was on last night.) That would be 3 visits in less than a year!
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More healthy exercise

I did my 1 hour walk in the evening again. It was cold walking up the long hill known as Cader Road: cold like winter, not just the slight chill of autumn, and more reminiscent of December than late October. The wind was in my face at the beginning and by the time I'd reached the top of the hill and was walking along the level part, my left ear was hurting. (Note to self: wear woolly hat next time.)

I soon reached a more sheltered part and the ear stopped hurting once out of the wind. Turning off the tarmac road onto the bridleway to descend into Dolgellau, I stopped for a moment, struck by the cold beauty of the sky, pale blue marbled with grey and pink cloud. I got back home before it was dark, but it wasn't long before night had fallen and sitting here typing this it already feels like it's almost bedtime, though accordig to the clock, it's only 7:40pm. I hate it when the hour moves; it takes me ages to adjust. I'm sure I'd cope very badly with jetlag.

I'm quite pleased that I'm still keeping up with the exercise and, since losing over a stone and a half (23 pounds to be exact) in the autumn of 2002, I have maintained the new weight for almost 12 months. When I had my scare with high blood pressure last year, losing weight and getting fitter were my top priorities. Searching for information on the Internet, I discovered that there is masses of information on dieting, but next to nothing on how to maintain the new weight once you've reached it. I also discovered the depressing statistic that most people who lose weight put it back on again before too long. However, so far I seem to be doing things right and am managing to keep the weight stable. Which means that though my cholesterol results came back as still moderately high, my doctor is not concerned and has left the medication as it is for another 6 monthss. She reckons that, taking all the factors into consideration (not smoking, taking regular exercise, high blood pressure under control), my overall risk of heart disease is acceptable.
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Spooky coincidence time

Last time we went to the cinema, we got home and put on the TV to see a review of the film we'd just watched. (Terminator 2) Yesterday, we got home from the cinema and put on the TV to see an advert for the special Pizza Hut meal deal we'd just eaten before seeing the film. Oooh er...
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