December 7th, 2003

View from study (sunny)

Winter lethargy

However hard I try, I always seem to spend one day of the weekend simply slumped. Recharging my batteries, I suppose. It's somewhat frustrating, though, and in the summer I seem to do better, but when it's cold and dark and raw outside, I just want to curl up in the warm and do nothing in particular.

So I didn't get out to do the bits of shopping I needed in town until gone 4 p.m. yesterday. Which meant that the newsagent was shut and I'll have to pick up our local paper and copy of the Radio Times tomorrow. But I did get my tablets from the chemists and some Christmas cards from the nice gift shop. As I hadn't done any exercise either, I walked the long way home, past the police station and along to the footpath and footbridge over the river. I paused for a moment on the narrow span of the bridge, looking over the handrail at the lights of the town and, above in the black sky, the moon, almost full, clear between grey cloud.

When I got home, I decided that it required a haiku:

the gibbous moon
casts a bright rippling path
on the dark river

Which is a pretty feeble haiku, but it will fix that image in my mind and recall it when I read it again.
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