December 14th, 2003

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UK a nation of fantasy and SF readers!

It's official. All but one of the top 5 books voted by the BBC's The Big Read as the "best read" are fantasy or sf.

Apparently this campaign has greatly increased the sales and library loans on the shortlisted books. Also, the presence of Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy shows that while film adaptations might have played a part in the popularity of some titles (and of course The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy started life as a radio series), people still enjoy a good book. Which can only be a Good Thing.
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Re-visiting old haunts

As I'd eaten far too much chocolate today, I was determined to go for a good walk to use at least some of it up. Being a bit bored with my regular circuits, I walked up to the ancient deerpark where I used to keep my ponies.

The afternoon was fine, chilly and overcast, but the rain held off. I turned right at the haunted crossroads and came back via another small lane. I haven't been that way for some years and I'd forgotten that there's a splendid view in places. You can look out over the valley, down to the fields where we had Pony Club camp for several years running.

And so back down the long hill into town, where I nipped into the Spar shop and bought more milk and cheese so I can make lasagne for G for tonight's dinner.
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Weekly Progress Review


No words written this week, but I have been mulling over what happens next. The next couple of scenes are almost at the point where I can start writing them.


Still no progress on putting the new cupboard up.


Weather too bad for gardening. The bit that was underwater during the flood needs clearing before next spring though.


Likewise the weather is not conducive to working outside in the garage, so no further progress with clearing it out.


I had to listen to the same 4 lessons again this week as I hadn't converted any more lessons to put on CD. However, that wasn't really a problem as the contents are very slow to stick and I still wouldn't say I've totally mastered them. Today I read 1½ pages of Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd and discovered that the Catchphrase lessons must be doing some good because I made better progress. Still being foxed by the Welshified English words. Today it was "becws", which I couldn't find in the dictionary and eventually worked out it was "bakehouse". Doh... It's like "warws", which G spotted once and took ages to work out that it was simply "warehouse".

All in all, a modest week on the achievement front, but with slight progress.
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