January 10th, 2004

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First week back at work

Well, I survived the first week back. The first few days were exhausting, but I seemed to get into the swing of it by Thursday and I did get a lot done; I even caught up on some things, like marking tests. However, this was largely due to teaching 2 classes fewer than normal.

I did try a slightly different pattern of using up my time off in lieu of evening classes. Previously I was working until 5.00 pm on Thursday and then trying to go home just after lunch on Friday, taking the time in one block. (Though often I'd get caught up in stuff and end up working till 5.00 anyway.) However, this week, I left as soon as I could on Thursday (4.00 pm) and then left just after 3.00 on Friday. As a result, I feel much less shattered today and might get more useful stuff done.

If this genuinely works and wasn't just a one off, then it might increase my productivity all round, including writing. Previously Saturdays were a write off when I just crashed, read LJ and Usenet, fiddled around doing nothing in particular and then (having done Catching Up With Housework on Sunday), ended up spending Monday rushing round like a mad thing getting ready for work on Tuesday.
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I go to the seaside

I feel that I haven't really done anything today. I didn't do any writing and I haven't even finished transferring my To Dos from my notebook to the master list, let alone done anything on the list. And yet I did Collapse )I went for a walk by the sea this afternoon. The day was grey, drizzly and dreary, but I needed my exercise and I need my light! I decided that there would be more light and less rain at the beach, so I hopped in the car and set off for Fairbourne.

There weren't many people on the beach -- as you might expect. Half a dozen hardy souls walking their dogs. (I sometimes think I should find a dog to borrow for walks as all the other people I encounter tend to have them.) The walk out, towards Barmouth, was easy enough and I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to get much benefit from walking on the flat. But when I reached the estuary and turned for home, I was walking straight into the wind, which was so strong, it was like walking up a steep hill. So I got my exercise. What I didn't get was pictures as for some reason, only one that I took with the l'Espion camera came out. As you can see, Fairbourne was gloomy. The railway tracks belong to the tiny 9" gauge train that runs along the spit in the holiday season.

Better photos of Fairbourne can be found here. There are also some brighter winter pictures here on my latest Photo of the Week. (That's actually a misnomer. In reality, I do one every few months.)
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