February 2nd, 2004

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In which the washing machine finally arrives...

As the delivery people never phoned me about a new delivery date for the washing machine (which didn't come last Monday), I phoned on Saturday and after explaining what had happened several times ("It says here that the machine was delivered on 26 January." "No, it wasn't. You rang to tell me the van broke down.") they told me it would arrive today. Collapse ) The men duly arrived and with much complaining at the weight of both the new machine (a Bosch) and the old one "Oh, it's not a Servis is it? They're the heaviest," they efficiently carted the old machine out and installed the new one. It is soooo quiet. Bliss...
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View from study (sunny)

My take on stopping

misia has been writing about stopping (found via link from matociquala)

More on stopping, plus some comments here on matociquala's LJ

I actually just stop when I stop. I usually have to stop for external reasons anyway, e.g. it's time to make dinner or the students are about to arrive for the evening class. If I can, I do try to avoid stopping at a point where there's any sense of closure as it can be hell to get going again in that case. This doesn't necessarily mean that I'll avoid chapter ends, but I do avoid deliberately writing on to a "natural" break point and will usually stop while I still know what I was going to write next. Collapse ) But this is why I like to find out how other writers write because one day a story will come along that won't work with my usual methods and then I'll need to try something different.

In case anyone's interested... Collapse )
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