March 6th, 2004

View from study (sunny)

Creeping along in bottom gear

I gave in yesterday and went to the doctor for an antibiotic for the bunged up head and sinuses. You will be pleased to know that all next week, while I'm taking it, I will also be protected from malaria.

As far as I can see, the whole of March should consist of that routine I was craving. But at the end of another tiring week (with the extra teaching session on Thursday evening standing in for G), I am determined not to crash, even though I feel like doing so.

The session with the B.Ed. students went well, I thought, especially considering that I hadn't met them before. There were only 4 there, but the material seemed interesting to them, I didn't make an idiot of myself (despite this being a totally new topic to me) and the activities, amazingly, worked as I'd hoped and shed light on the theory.

Yesterday, I was supposed to have a new beginners class in the morning. There have been some Meet the Mouse sessions in various places around Wales, encouraging adults to come and find out about computers. Those that are interested are then encouraged to sign up for a course. But I sat in the computer room with my pile of enrolment forms and with a list of 10 names and nobody turned up. I suspect there was some mistake in the letters sent out informing them of start date and time. There are always a few who put their names down and then change there mind, but not all ten. Anyway, I had an unexpected morning to catch up with a bit of admin work, which I did.

Now I have lots of stuff to do this weekend. Collapse ) So, to avoid totally crashing and doing nothing and going into the guilt spiral, I'm trying to find a very low bottom gear so I can creep along doing some useful stuff whilst also taking it reasonably easy and building up reserves for next week. However, the chorus for two chainsaws issuing from the woodland just beyond the bottom of our garden is not helping my not-quite-a-headache.
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