June 27th, 2004

island calm

If it's summer, it must be time for fieldwork!

I have not been good about exercise recently. After the expedition up Cadair Idris at Easter, I've been very remiss at doing my 1 hour walk (or cycle) per day off, a habit that I'd kept up for 18 months. You don't want to hear the excuses, but I could trundle them out. Mostly it's to do with having taken on more OU work than I really wanted to do, which meant that the last couple of weekends have been spent marking assignments. Anyway, I now have yet more students and a brand new creative writing course starts next weekend. So yesterday was spent downloading their details and setting up the database I use to track their progress. I also filed all the paper details the OU send me, set up an online tutorial for the group that started in May and caught up with email and Usenet. I've quickly revised the letter I need to send the new students and I'll run the mail merge and print it all out tomorrow, so it can be posted.

So after a good Catching Up On Admin day yesterday, I agreed to go out with G today to help survey the river. Collapse )

Not sure what to do now for the rest of the evening. I don't suppose there's anything on telly, other than football. I ought to write, but I'm not quite sure whether I've got all the novel uploaded back into my brain's RAM, having had to, as it were, store it to disc while I was marking all my students' stories, all 57 of them. I could go and watch a video. Oh, decisions, decisions...
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Writing progress

Yes, I did manage to write a small scene, probably more a small incident than a scene really as it's the lead into the next important scene, in which another plot thread (the marital conflict one) is begun.

Words today: 395
Words in Chapter 9: 1791
Words total: 42,147
Reason for stopping: It's 10.30 pm and the end of the scenelet. Also G just called from downstairs that he's stopped working for the day, so I'm off to watch a bit of TV and be sociable.
Other: It's great to get the thing trundling forwards again!

When I was updating my spreadsheet, I noticed that I have managed the meagre total of 701 words this June. The only heartening thing is that last June I wrote no words at all.
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