June 29th, 2004

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Just about keeping on top of things

Yesterday was spent dealing with the grass, which had reached waist height in some areas of the garden. It had reached this state partly because I've been extremely busy over the last few weekends, and at the times when I wasn't too busy, it was raining. The grass is now all short and (reasonably) neat again. It cannot really be dignified with the name of lawn. If you imagine a steeply sloping rectangle of grass, which was once part of a field of fairly rough pasture and which has been mowed erratically for the past 20 years, you will see a picture of our back garden.

The mowing and strimming and carting of cut grass down into the woods beyond the bottom fence took 5 hours.

So I'm now behind with everything else, like making bread and laundry.

As well as doing the grass, I spent part of the weekend getting everything set up for the next batch of creative writing students. The course doesn't officially start until next Saturday, but about 10 of them are already online and raring to go, so I have posted welcome messages and an icebreaker and got everything organised. Also ran the mail merge and printed off the 25 Hello I'm Your Tutor letters, which went in the post last night -- apart from the one to Holland and the one to Jersey, which need more postage and I don't know how much, so will need to walk up the Post Office with them.
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Well, it made me laugh...

Sitting at some temporary traffic lights at a new stretch of road works, I noticed with some amusement that someone had painted a sad smiley on the red light. I watched with interest, but was not disappointed when it went to red and amber (couldn't quite catch the expression on amber) and then a nice cheerful green smiley.
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