August 18th, 2004

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A slightly odd sort of day

I am too old to stay up until 2.00 am. Definitely too old. So today has been rather bitty as a result.

Last night we went down to Borth to meet old friends. Collapse )

Having been a little nervous as to whether we'd still have anything to talk about after such a long time, the evening went swimmingly and we nattered until midnight. Then there was an hour's drive home and once home, I was still buzzing, so it was, as I said, 2.00 am by the time I got to bed.

First oddness of today was noticing a slender silvery trail on the carpet by G's side of the bed. Unable to resist, I crawled along, nose to carpet, following it as it wandered erratically around the bed to my side before stopping by a gap in the floor. So it looks like we have a dead, shrivelled slug down there somewhere. Ew!

Then I forgot again to put the rubbish out, so the pile of bags is now even larger and will have to wait another week. I did remember to take the car in for its first MOT test.

Collapse )

Anyway, most of the day I was continuing to mark more 500-word stories for the creative writing course. This batch seems to be taking forever, but I can only do so many before having to take a break. Especially when one was so poignant I ended up in tears. This never happened while marking computer assignments. Any "palate clearing" techniques will be gratefully received so I can increase productivity. Collapse )
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