September 12th, 2004

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Catching up...

Or trying to.

I got very behind with LJ last week, both in reading my friends list and writing entries due to being a) back at work but b) not yet settled into a routine. My students (the part-time adults) won't start until the 20th and possibly not even till the 27th, depending on whether the technician team is back up to full strength or not. (One has been off with an injured ankle, leaving two people to do the work of three most of the summer. This has not been good for the readiness of the college network.)

The only notable things to report are:

College staff awayday and bonding session Collapse )

The final tutorial for the OU course Collapse )

Today has been spent doing not very much other than catching up on all the posts about WorldCon (*jealous*), writing an outline of a short story, replenishing the foods stocks and watching the rain pour down outside.
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Cute puppy

While I'm catching up, I thought I'd post this picture of me and Kiri (my daughter and son-in-law's young Rhodesian Ridgeback). Collapse )

The photo was taken a couple of months ago. Apparently she's much bigger now.
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Writing progress

Just a little bit...

Words today: 620 (on the outline for another short story)
Reason for stopping: Need to let it simmer for a bit. Will try to divide it into scenes tomorrow.
Other: I'm experimenting with writing/planning methods here with a view to adopting the ones that work for novel planning.
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