October 4th, 2004

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Not a good start to the day

Blunder downstairs, put kettle on. That's the first part of my booting self up for the day routine. But this morning, the kettle was dead. It was fine last night, but no sign of life this morning.

Emergency fall back is to boil water in a pan, so while that was heating, I tried all the obvious things, like changing the fuse and making sure it wasn't the plug socket by plugging in another appliance. No luck. So I need to put kettle on my shopping list for the day. Fortunately, I don't work Mondays, so I can replace it. I am slightly peeved because it's nowhere near as old as the last one was when that finally gave up the ghost.
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I am so vague...

I nearly managed to destroy a pan this morning.

I'd got round the dead kettle problem by using a pan to boil water and, as G had by this time been fed cereal and coffee and had just left for work, I thought I'd just have another cup of tea and a slice of toast before settling down to mark the last questions in the computing assignments. Putting the water on to boil, I realised that I'd better put kettle down on my shopping list, or I might forget it when I went in to town. I also need to remember Evening Primrose Oil and to drop the prescription renewal form into the chemists. So I trotted upstairs to print out my shopping list form, and while I was there, I thought I may as well print out my weekly diary/To Do sheets. Oh, and I I could quickly check my email while I was up here.

Some time later...

I thought I could smell burning. Everything seemed OK up in my study, but I trotted downstairs to see if all was OK down there -- and found about a quarter of an inch of water merrily boiling away in the pan. Ooops! Nearly had to replace a pan there, as well as kettle.
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Annoying little job finally tackled!

Some months ago, the light fitting in the downstairs hallway broke. It's been replaced a couple of times before and I bought yet another replacement, this time paying a few pence extra for one that said it was heat resistent. Now, perhaps I'm confused, but I had naively expected all light fittings to be heat resistent, heat being a normal condition for a light fitting, being, as it is, in close proximity to a hot lightbulb. Anyway, I didn't get round to fitting it, neither did G. Every time the matter of the gloom in the downstair hallway was mentioned, we both claimed that we were far too busy to tackle it right now.

I finally tackled it. It took 10 mintues. We now have light by the phone and the wall calendar.
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