October 8th, 2004

View from study (sunny)

Lazy morning cat vacuuming.

It's too early in the morning
For the words to come out right
Just getting used to sunshine,
I'm still squinting in the light.

So that was my excuse for not writing straight after breakfast. Except it's no longer early in the morning and the sun has vanished behind our usual layer of grey cloud, so both my excuses have vanished and it's time I did something useful.

Other than having a leisurely breakfast and checking email and LJ, I've done nothing productive so far today. So I'll start by unloading the dishwasher and putting a load of clothes on to wash in the hope that the physical activity might stir my brain into action. That and another cup of tea.

(Opening quote from the last song, an extra bonus track, on Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten album)

[Edit: And the sun is back out again!]
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island calm

A few useful things done

Dishwasher is now emptied and all the dishes put away, also a load of washing has been done and the clothes are hanging on the line at the bottom of the garden. The most important thing done, however, is that I've made an appointment with the dentist to get a dodgy filling replaced.

I'm still not registered with a dentist, on account of the only dentist in town being full, but he will do emergency stuff for me. Today, finally, the nagging little inner voice of Common Sense overcome my Inner Procrastinator and convinced it that the tooth would not just heal up and get better, however much I rested it by not eating on that side of my mouth. Not only that, if I didn't get something done, the tooth would probably fall apart and the filling drop out -- like the other one did -- and then I'd be scrambling to get it done as an emergency and risk having toothache for days if not weeks while they found me an appointment.

So I trotted into town to get G a pasty and a cake for his lunch and popped into the dentist's surgery en route. Now I have an early morning appointment for a week on Wednesday, which means that I can just go into work late that day. I could have had one on the Monday, but I will be travelling back from Ireland then, so I'll just have to hope the tooth lasts that extra few days.

I also had an interesting enounter in the reception area. I was just turning to go after arranging the appointment when I was greeted by an old colleague of G's (now retired) who had just emerged from the treatment room. A small conversation almost entirely in Welsh followed and I coped. I do wish more local people would take his approach. He waited patiently while I fumbled for words and, as he has such a relaxed air about him, I didn't panic, so didn't often have to fumble. I managed to exchange pleasantries and explain my new job and say goodbye and left feeling quite encouraged by my language abilities. The words are there, if I could only find the confidence to use them.

Will now try to write for a bit before going for a walk, perhaps around the lake in the icon.
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Writing progess

Yes, the novel lumbers into motion once more.

Words today:
Words in Chapter 10: 1450
Words total: 46,387
Reason for stopping:
End of scene, time to go for a walk.
Other: I've realised that if I'm going to get this unstuck, I just have to write the scenes in any order. I've set up the premise in the Beginning, dropped the characters into a messy situation, now I have to develop all the strands in the Middle. For the moment, it doesn't matter too much about getting them in the "right" order. That can be sorted out at the revision stage. Now I must just plough on regardless and get words down. Gaps can be filled and surpluses trimmed at the second draft.
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