October 24th, 2004

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Writing progress

Words today: 877
Words in Chapter 10: 3415
Words total: 48,352
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Time I went and did something else.
Other: This is the first scene I've ever had to write with a calculator open on the Windows desktop. In fact, as this fund raising plot continues, I'm very tempted to produce a spreadsheet to track the villager's progress. And it won't be just cat vacuuming either.

I also think I have the missing Exciting SceneTM. As I was rooting through the story notes to check what the various currency units were called, I found a really old note about the wizard's magical research centre, now called Tasseff Park. That note contained the other timebomb I need to set ticking to make life even more difficult for the poor protags. I knew I was lacking a vital ingredient, now I have it.
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