November 15th, 2004

island calm

Did I do anything useful?

Today I:

  • Dragged a few of the tree branches from just beyond our fence to a heap further away.

  • Checked my online tutor groups (both me as tutor and me as student).

  • Made toasted sandwiches for G for lunch.

  • Took my car to garage to get a new headlight bulb

  • Went to Post Office to return boots that were too large and bought more cheese and some of the nice carrot cake.

  • Called in at doctor's surgery to make appointment for blood test and next review of how I'm doing with blood pressure.

  • Collected car and drove up to place where daughter and I parked yesterday and retraced the first part of the walk in order to hunt for lost glove.

  • Found glove, none the worse for its night alone in the forest.

  • Completed small circular walk (see piccies below)

  • Drove back into town and scooted round Co-op to acquire more fresh fruit and veggies for the week.

  • Came home and designed a simple Christmas card to do with my class tomorrow.

  • Made veggie soup for me and lasagne for G.

Which looks quite a lot when written out like that, but it didn't feel like much and there's still tons of stuff I had on my To Do list that I haven't even begun to tackle.

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