January 2nd, 2005

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New Year Resolutions?

I see everyone is posting really worthwhile New Year Resolutions and writing all sorts of profound stuff. If you were expecting that sort of thing from this post, then I suggest you move along quickly, nothing to see here...

My New Year's resolution is simply to leave my mobile phone switched on at all times. Which meant learning how to negotiate the menus to switch it to a silent response to an incoming call. It will also mean making sure I remember to charge it each day and to switch the alarm off before I teach a class and then switch it back on again after.

And is that all?

Well, yes. For historical reasons, my writing resolutions run from April to March, so I'm not reviewing them yet, other than to say that I'm just about on target to finish the first draft of the novel and have it lightly polished by Easter. I doubt that I'll make the short story target of 4 though, but I have written 1. Likewise all my other goals will be reviewed in the spring.

My family never made much of New Year to be honest and it's never been a time for new starts for me either. Spring is when the lighter night bring the new surge of energy to tackle new projects and Autumn was the time for starting a new school year or moving up from one school to another. New Year was just the first of January.

But for those of you who like new starts and do feel that the beginning of January heralds a fresh beginning, good luck with all the resolutions and I hope 2005 brings the kind of year you enjoy best. Whatever kind that might be.
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