May 8th, 2005

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Writing progress and thoughts on theme

New words today: 0 (on Moving a Mountain)
Words revised today: 2500 (on Alingard Variations aka Alphonse and the Assassin
Reason for stopping: Finished changing the POV of the opening and closing scenes from Alphonse's POV to Melanna's POV
Other: The story now has a theme!

We discussed theme a little while ago on rasfc. Mulling it over since, it dawned on me that my successful stories (assuming success can be judged by a sale) all have a theme. I didn't consciously put one there, at least not in the first two, but with hindsight they undeniably have a theme that I can point to and say that that's what the story is about, over and above what actually happens to the characters.

Mulling things over a bit more, I realised that the two short stories I've been trying to sell (without success) don't have a theme. Collapse )

I think the story reads much better now. I will put it through Critters and see what people think before trying to submit it anywhere else.
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View from study (sunny)

Move more

I did go for a walk today, thus pushing the number of steps done today up above the sedent level.

It was cold and damp, actually rainy at first, but it did dry up as I walked on briskly to keep warm. More spring flowers are appearing, but I'd let the camera's batteries run down, so had to leave it at home charging up and couldn't photograph the wild garlic and bluebells and other things that will have to remain nameless because I don't know what they are. Pretty though.
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