May 13th, 2005

View from study (sunny)

Tired now...

I had to set the alarm for 5.30am this morning because G had to go to some kind of meeting/training day in Warrington. I groped my way downstairs, made a cup of tea for me and coffee for G and then returned to bed. G got up and went and I tried not to fall too deeply asleep because I had to get up at 6.30 in order to get to Wrexham in time for the morning class.

Taught the email and web lesson then, instead of eating lunch at the computer and reading LJ as I've done before, I drove straight home even though I was ravenously hungry. Devoured a sandwich and fruit, also read more of Miss Pym Disposes before deciding that as it was fine and sunny (though windy), I would attack the back garden.

All the back grass is now mowed. It must be getting smoother because I managed to lower the cutting blades one notch from the very highest to the next to the highest. It also only took just over an hour. This means that with the routine grass care out of the way I can contemplate making some garden improvements over the weekend. It will be a long slow job, but I'm beginning to formulate a plan for what I want to do.

There is a rasfc get together in London tomorrow and I had hoped to go, but I still have to finish marking the stories for the fiction writing course, plus I have work from the day job and I want to either get the novel going again or if that resolutely refuses to budge, I could dig out the short urban fantasy about escaping to live with the faeries.

G is still not back, so I'll quickly look at LJ before heading out in search of different and interesting food for dinner. (Correction, G has just returned. Must dash to Co-op and then dinner and crash.)
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