July 19th, 2005

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Friends meme found via dendrophilous

Copy your friends list. Bold the ones you have met in real life and italicize the ones you have talked with on the phone. With anybody you have only spoken to online, do nothing. If any of your friends have multiple journals, list only one.

annafdd, apric, arcaedia, bard_bloom, batwrangler, beth_bernobich, brisingamen, brooksmoses, charlieallery, coffee_and_ink, del_c, dhole, diony, elizabethbear, fjm, green_knight, heres_luck, htwj, hydnum, jackiejj, john_d_owen, karentraviss, llaregyb, matociquala, mevennen, oursin, pameladean, papersky, pariyal, pickledginger, planetalyx, pollyc, rezendi, ritaxis, rosamund, sythyry, truepenny

For me it's either met in real life or only know via the web. I don't really do phones, except when I can't help it or for very close family. I'm hoping to meet a few more on the list at the forthcoming WorldCon in Glasgow.
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Things quietening down now

At last the busy weeks are over and I can catch my breath and make some headway with all the end of year admin that's currently heaped on my desk. I was still teaching a couple of sessions last week (2 evening classes), but now it's just a case of going in each day, normal office hours.

Today I've sorted out the ECDL logbooks and passed those to my course team leader so he can claim the certificates. Also counted up how many students passed CLAIT units and made out the order form to purchase the necessary ARFs (Assessment Record Folders). Still sitting there is a heap of OCN assessment work that needs dealing with so we can claim those certificates too. I'm not even going to think about all the course work I need to edit and the new tasks I need to write.

During lunchtime I managed to scrape together a brief synopsis of the play that I have to write a scene from for the Start Writing Plays course I'm doing. I have been sadly neglecting this course. I had still not quite finished Block 3 and I should be half way through Block 5 by now. Fortunately, Block 4 is mostly about different genres and styles of theatre. As I'm actually doing this course in order to help me with structuring stories, I can skim that bit and read it more carefully once the course is finished. Block 5 contains more useful stuff, so I'll leap straight into that.
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