August 22nd, 2005

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Writing progress

Words yesterday: 1041
Words in Chapter 18: 3780 (including notes)
Words total: 79,000
Reason for stopping: End of scene and time for lunch.

It's all coming together. I thought I'd have written the mountain moving scene by now, but decorating the bedroom had to take priority because I couldn't stand the mess in there dragging on for days and anyway we're off to Amsterdam on Tuesday.

I don't think I'll quite be able to finish the novel tomorrow. According to the spreadsheet, I have about another 3,000 words to write, which I won't be able to do in one day, unless something strange and unusual happens, which is doubtful because I have to go to the doctor's for a blood test, get some Euros plus other odds and ends, sort clothes out and pack. But I can finish it by hand while I'm away.

Then I have to do some world-building and then start the revision.

Yes, I know most people do the world-building first, but I like to do it on the fly, as required. But I feel that it's been one of my weaknesses in the past and so I'd like to sort out a very brief history for the West Kingdom and sort out its political system and transport links etc, just so I can make sure everything hangs together during the polishing pass.
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View from study (sunny)

Writing progress

Words today: 431
Words in Chapter 18: 4183 (including notes)
Words total: 79,403
Reason for stopping: Time to go to the doctor's for my routine blood test to check cholesterol levels.

No deathless prose in this scenelet. But everything really is now almost in place. Everyone is where they should be. Ceri just has to find the key, gallop back to the focusing arrays and the mountain is ready to fly!

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Otherwise today I have done various things:

  • Had an aarrgghh! moment when, after filling up the car with diesel, a warning light came on on the dashboard. Decided it was better to be safe than sorry and took it into the garage. The diagnostic computer thingy revealed it to be a fault on the heater (whew!), so it should get us to the airport tomorrow after all.

  • Completed and had stamped at the Post Office the health forms needed to get treatment should we fall ill in Holland.

  • Changed some UK poundses into Euros for the trip tomorrow.

  • Bought a new curtain rail for the bedroom.

  • The rugs I'd ordered arrived, so I deployed them around the house in strategic places.

  • Did a load of washing and put it to dry in the tumble drier

  • After having had blood extracted by the nurse, I went into town for the papers and some cheese and wholemeal rolls and a honeybun and two frames for G's Chartered Mathematician and Chartered Scientist certificates.

  • Put the certificates into the frames and hung them on the wall in his study.

Off now to buy something for me for dinner for tonight and a few other bits of food so there'll be something here when we come back. Then we need to sort out a few vital things like how do we get from the airport in Amsterdam to the hotel? and how does G get from the hotel to the place where the conference is being held?.

At least everyone (or almost everyone) should speak English, which they didn't in the small town we visited in Portugal. I just don't have the energy to try to get by in a language I don't speak. Especially as right now I'm at that stage where I'm thinking why on earth did I agree to go abroad again? I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get there, it's just frustrating to leave all my projects behind when they were going so well.

But they will all still be here when I get back. And I'm just wibbling and it's the tiredness talking, so ignore me.
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