September 23rd, 2005

island calm

Some useful decluttering

I have finally donated the saddles!

I mentioned these on alt.recovery.clutter a mere two years ago. See this message. Which, I suppose, means that they've been sitting around in the house for, ahem, two years.

This is what comes of being phonophobic. I couldn't get around to phoning the very nice woman who runs the local Riding For the Disabled group to arrange to take the saddles up to the stables. Fortunately, a few weeks ago I happened to see her at the local garage, so I mentioned that I had the saddles and asked if she wanted them. She said yes, but as I was on my way to work and she was obviously doing things, I couldn't hand them over then.

So they sat there for a bit longer while I tried to get around to phoning to arrange a time to take them up to the stables...

And then I had a brainwave. I decided that I would just take them anyway, at a time when it was likely the very nice woman would be at home, but if she wasn't, I would just leave them in the porch with a note to say what they were.

So on Monday, the saddles (plus a New Zealand rug and a waterproof exercise sheet) got as far as the car. I have been driving around with them in the back all week, failed to take them Wednesday, as planned, because I got caught up in an important discussion about course changes with a colleague and didn't leave work till nearly 5:45 pm. Tuesday and Thursday were out because of evening classes.

Tonight I managed to get away from work promptly and I duly trundled up the steep, narrow and winding lane to the stables. It must be years and years since I've been up there. Our daughter learned to ride there and we bought her first pony Hippo from there too.

Fortune contined to favour me and the very nice woman was in and was delighted with the donation. So I now feel a little glow of pleasure at having contributed to their efforts in at least a small way.
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