October 10th, 2005

View from study (sunny)

Writing progress

Writing done Saturday: A one page outline for the next novel.
Pages revised Sunday: 5
Pages revised today: 3.5
Pages revised total: 8.5
Reason for stopping: Time to go shopping and get stuff ready for tomorrow, clothes to iron etc.

I'm revising this backwards at the moment. Partly this is because I need to infill all the missing names and by the end everybody and everywhere had names, so I have been updating my Characters database as I go through Chapter 20, which will mean that as I get nearer the beginning, where there are far more placeholders, I will have the necessary names to hand.

Also it will mean that I revise the beginning last, which as it was (naturally) written first, will probably need the most tweaking. Or perhaps not. I know that I do want to split one long scene and cut back to Ceri in the hotel at some point.

Most of the words I wrote so quickly the other week turned out to be OK, though by the end it trailed off somewhat with too much pushed in just anyhow, so I need to add another scenelet to just round everything off before the final Epilogue. The Epilogue too needs work, though I can tweak it again once I get to the beginning and polish the prologue. They need to complement one another.

In other news, I've felt very blah this weekend. I couldn't rouse the enthusiasm to do much, which then led to feelings of not having achieved much, which... Well, you know how it spirals downwards.

I have at least cleared the desk in my study and shredded half of the heap that needed shredding. I also exercised. On Saturday I drove to Fairbourne and had a pleasant walk along the beach. It was chilly, but there was some sunshine. Not many people there, as you can imagine. A few dog-walkers and a chap in a canoe out on the sea. As I was leaving the beach a young woman led a small Welsh pony down on to the sands and began lunging it.

Yesterday I went out with G taking photos of rivers, which led to much scrambling up and down steep and overgrown valley sides.

Yet still I feel I haven't done anything... Ah, well. Work tomorrow...
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