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New computer update

Unlike sciamanna, I am progressing very slowly with the transfer from the old Windows 98 machine to Daisy, the new Packard Bell Windows XP computer.

I do now have email and Usenet and Semagic for LJ on Daisy and I've copied over a couple of folders of data, so writing and other stuff is now being done on the new machine. But I got distracted by learning how to use iTunes to manually update my iPod. I needed to know how to do this because I've put more CDs into the iTunes library than will fit on my Nano, so I needed to work out how to move stuff on and off, as I get bored with it.

While I was at it, I also found out how to download a podcast and copy it to the iPod. And having done that successfully, I went in search of Welsh lessons to download.

I now have a veritable feast of music and words to listen to. In two languages!
Tags: cymraeg, gadgets, welsh

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