January 1st, 2006

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a good 2006.

We're having a quiet day so far. I'm revising Chapter 5 of Moving a Mountain, G is working on computer models for the Ph.D. The weather is mild, dull and grey. Nothing exciting to report.

Novel revision progresses in fits and starts. There are good bits, which I can cruise through smoothly, merely tweaking a word here and there and there are boggy bits with hopelessly tangled infodumps.

Or missing placenames.

I now need to invent two dwarfish placenames. I checked in my handy database of characters and placenames to see whether I'd already invented appropriate names, but I only have a name for the dwarfs' country and the name of a dwarfish shrine on the holy mountain. No name for the capital city or the small mining town where 'Stin comes from.

But perusing the database did reveal a duplicate entry. How could this happen? I have most carefully set the placename field as Indexed (no duplicates) to prevent this very thing.

Yes, well, but it's not going to stop me putting in duplicate entries with alternate spellings, is it?

Tassaff Park and Tasseff Park

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The joys of revision

Having invented names for various Dwarfish places, I had a "Doh!" moment when I realised that 'Stin doesn't actually live in the the Dwarfish Republic of Korracktir but just over the border in the human kingdom of North Westerland.

Slight readjustment of place names and the cutting of a large infodump1 later, I read on:

Gladdis tut-tutted. "It just shows how out of touch you are, Edmund. You lie in that tomb of yours and don't come out from one century to the next. The orcish dead have always walked on Varoo, on three nights together at the dark of the...

Oh, bugger!

The dark of the moon.

Which was shining just a day later in Chapter 7.2


1Infodump pasted into the notes in case the information is needed in Book 2.
2Well, to be totally accurate the text says, "It was fully dark. The moon had not yet risen," but that implies it will, which it won't if it's a new moon.
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Writing summary for 2005

For historical reasons, my writing goals actually run from April to April, but here's a summary of the past year.

Words written on novel: 28,680
Pages of novel revised: 180

Novels completed: 1 (Moving a Mountain
Short stories completed: 0 (I was concentrating on the novel)

Submissions of short stories: 1
Number accepted: 0
Number rejected: 1
Number awaiting decision: 0
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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 11½
Pages revised total: 181
Pages remaining: 59
Percentage complete: 75%
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Time to cook dinner and rest eyes by watching some TV.

I'm not going to finish this by the end of the holiday as there's only one more day to go. But I should finish it in a couple more weeks. Only 4 chapters to go!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
181 / 240
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Books read in 2005

Buddha Boy Kathe Koja
City of Pearl Karen Traviss
Expecting Someone Taller Tom Holt
Hammered Elizabeth Bear
Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince J K Rowling
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke
Lud-in-the-Mist Hope Mirlees (re-read)
Melusine Sarah Monette
Miss Pym Disposes Josephine Tey
South of the Border, West of the Sun Haruki Murakami
The Big Over Easy Jasper Fforde
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
The Daughter of Time Josephine Tey
The Time Traveller's Wife Audrey Niffenegger
The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce
The Way We Live Now Anthony Trollope
Thud! Terry Pratchett
Tiger! Tiger! Alfred Bester
Trail of the Dead Jon Evans
Valhalla Tom Holt
War for the Oaks Emma Bull
Where's my cow? Terry Pratchett