January 8th, 2006

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Writing progress

Pages revised today: 13½
Pages revised total: 214
Pages remaining: 26
Percentage complete: 89%
Reason for stopping: End of Chapter 3. Plenty done today. Had to go and make dinner.

Revision progresses in fits and starts. I can pass quickly over a couple of pages doing nothing more than tweaking the odd word, then can stick for quarter of an hour writing a footnote:

1 In order to ensure that no pilgrim could possibly be unaware of their duty to help the warden, Master Newtridge had plastered the hostel with rhyming couplets. For example: "To keep the prices really cheap, you'll do a chore before you sleep" (in the common room) or "Each pilgrim does a simple task, please sweep your dorm without being asked" (on the male dorm wall) and "Before you sit and eat your food, wash up your pans the way you should" (in the small kitchen where pilgrims could prepare their own food).

That final couplet was genuine, by the way. Sighted many years ago in the members' kitchen in the Youth Hostel in Tobermory, Isle of Mull. It does actually rhyme if said in a Scottish accent. *g*

Some time ago I think I posted here about how I'd been sure I'd invented a second name for Ceri, but then couldn't find it, even after searching for ages so I decided in the end that I must have imagined it and made up a name for her.

Well, I didn't imagine it. I found the name lurking in Chapter 3. She was originally Cerillin Winisdor. Except I actually prefer the second name I made up, so she'll stay as Cerillin Fransdor. Winisdor looks too much like a typo for Windsor to work. What was I thinking of at the time? Not one of my best efforts.