January 14th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Freedom but no writing

No work today, of course, being Saturday, but did I do any writing?

No. Well, I did writing one related thing in that I critiqued the POV of a novel by a chap on rasfc. It was supposed to be in omni, but it was more than 90% limited third, so I advised him to scrap the omni and just make it multiple third, but I didn't do any revision of Moving a Mountain

The crit took up most of the morning -- that and checking email and rasfc and catching up with LJ. Oh, and doing lots of washing of dishes to catch up with the week's backlog.

After lunch I trotted into town to collect the Radio Times and the local paper from the newagents and to buy a birthday card for daughter A.

As I was passing the picture framing shop, I saw that it was open, so I decided to go and ask about the picture of a horse they had had in the window. This was a picture I had been admiring for some time, but in the weeks leading up to Christmas I was tired and stressed. There was the hassle of having to get ready for Christmas and it is the busiest term as all the courses settle down and start doing their first assessments. So every time I walked past the shop either I wasn't in the mood for enquiring about pictures or it was Monday, my non-work day, and they were closed. For some reason they don't open Mondays.

So I'd never got around to asking the price of the picture and then, suddenly, it vanished.

Aarrgghh! I thought. It's been sold. I had tried peering in through the glass of the shop door to see if it had just been moved inside, but I had been unable to spot it in the gloom of the interior. But today when I walked past they were open and, on a whim, I went in to ask about the horse. I thought perhaps that even if they had sold it, they could get another copy for me.

But there was no need! There it was on the wall of the shop.

Freedom Collapse )

The print wasn't cheap and for a moment I hesitated, but then I thought, "No, it can be my treat for finishing the novel." Then there was the problem of how I was going to pay for it, because I didn't have my credit card with me, seeing as I had thought I was only going to the newsagents and then for a walk. But though I never carry a cheque book these days, I have taken to carrying a single cheque in my purse and the proprietor was happy to accept it, even without the cheque guarantee card, so I carried the picture home triumphantly -- and then had to walk into town again to get the papers and completely forgot about the birthday card, even though I actually went into the gift shop that sells nice cards. I just wandered round looking vaguely at stuffed animals before buying a little leather drawstring bag (like a tiny duffle bag) to use as camera case.

I finally remembered the birthday card as I was walking back down the hill into town after a walk of about 1 hour. Fortunately the nice gift shop was still open (the woman behind the counter was cashing up!) and I grabbed one of the humorous penguin cards and then popped into the Spar for milk and pasties for tomorrow before trudging back up the hill and home.