January 15th, 2006

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Creative writing book

I've just discovered that the book on creative writing, which might just possibly contain my haiku, is available to the general public, but it costs £75 pounds.

Eeep! At that price I'm not buying a copy on spec. I have just emailed a student on the OU course for which it is a set book to find out whether or not my cat haiku is included.

[Update: Aha! I've just found the paperback. £19.99 is much better!]

Otherwise it's difficult to say whether today has been productive or not. I did finally manage to get to another Quaker meeting. It's a while since I attended my first meeting because they only meet every two weeks and the last meeting was cancelled due to the couple who host the meetings having 'flu. And the meeting before that I missed because our daughter was home for the weekend. The local Friends are definitely a nice bunch of people and I find the silent worship very calming. Though this morning there were a couple of times when I found myself in danger of heading beyond calm into sleep.

And now I should get on with writing materials for the new Getting Started With Computers course which will start either this week or the week after.
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Creative writing book -- haiku update

Yes! The kind student emailed back to say that the haiku is in the creative writing book. So I have ordered the paperback from Amazon.

It might not have earned me any money, but it's going to be read by lots of people. *g*

Unfortunately, they've credited it to Helen Kenyon when I was sure I'd asked for the credit to be Helen Hall. Sigh... The perils of using pen names.

Well, I'll just have to write some more things as Helen Kenyon then, won't I? *g*
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