January 28th, 2006

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Which counties have I visited?

Found via poliphilo

I'm not quite sure about the names of the Scottish counties, but the area coloured in looks about right. Also I must have passed through Somerset to get to Cornwall and Devon, but I don't think I'd count is as "having visited". Collapse )
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Tenuous signs of spring

Yesterday evening, as I was standing on the cold damp car park in the grey twilight, bundling all my files into the car, I heard the thin bleat of a lamb from one of the sheds.

This afternoon, I discovered I have snowdrops!

To my delight, the snowdrops I planted last spring have started to come up again. I had a look for them a few days ago and when I saw nothing, I decided that my attempt to introduce snowdrops to the garden had once again failed. But I was wrong!