February 12th, 2006


Indecisive characters

khiemtran has been musing here on the relative attractiveness to readers of decisive and indecisive characters.

I really think he may be on to something. I've always been a bit baffled that my readers didn't like some of my viewpoint characters as much as I did. (Otherwise I wouldn't have chosen them for viewpoint characters!) I've also known for years that there's a point in the fantasy whodunit where the book suddenly catches fire. (Unfortuately it's about Chapter 9 and far too late in the day.)

The characters my readers preferred were the decisive ones and the point where the novel becomes much more intense is where the POV character becomes decisive.

Because I've been using omni for the current WIR, I haven't been doing so much wallowing in indecision as I've been guilty of in previous novels. It will be interesting to see if the test readers find this an improvement.

In other news...

I didn't go to the Buddhist talks in the end. It was a day and a half event and I really did have too much to do. If it had been Zen Buddhism, I'd have definitely made the effort, but the monk in question is a Tibetan Buddhist, so quite a lot of it is not really my cup of tea.Collapse )

Still to do: Finish marking the rest of the stories for the fiction writing course's second assignment and return them to the electronic system. Also we really out to sort out our flights for the American trip.