February 25th, 2006

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International embarass yourself as an artist day

I've accepted matociquala's challenge.

Okay, I double-dog dare you. Go ahead and post the awfullest, grottiest, ancientest piece of juvenilia you still have a word processor that will open. I'll wait.

It's a good thing she said the bit about word processors because I have some real junk in numerous notebooks, written from the age of 12-13 upwards. Also the first novel I completed and submitted is, fortunately, lost and gone because I wrote it on a typewriter and finding it in the bottom of the wardrobe during the decluttering, I dumped it in the paper recycling skip.

But I've had a good rummage around on the hard disc and came up with this. I can't date it precisely because it was written on a BBC Master 128 computer, which used the View word processor and ADFS operating system. When I started using PCs, the college technician rescued the files I thought I might want to use off the 3½ ADFS discs and put them onto DOS discs. The dates according to file properties are therefore somewhat random, apparently being created in January 2002 but last modified in June 1996!

In fact it was written some time in the mid-80s. The novel was never finished, this being the novel I killed by writing a complete synopsis for the agent. With hindsight, it probably deserved to die. *g*

You may or may not be delighted to know that the files open happily in Word and can thus be presented here for your delectation and amusement. Collapse )

[Aarrgghh! How could I have written this? Boring or what? green_knight take heart. I used to write long boring bits.]

But when he breasted the lip of the hollow, he had another shock. There was no ruin. At a loss, he wandered vaguely around the grassy dip. He tried to will the cottage to appear, but without success. Finally he sat down on a boulder, put his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. "Now what?" he muttered. He waited for a good five minutes, and still nothing happened. "This is turning from a nightmare to one of the most boring dreams I've ever had," he said aloud to the scenery in general. Collapse )

I did, at the time, think it was good. It was certainly as good as I could write it, thus fulfilling matociquala's advice:

See, those words only count if they're your very best words when you write them. You have to believe in them. You have to be spilling your guts. No holding back. No "writing to learn." Writing, with everything you have, even if it's terrible.

Or as Gail Sher says in One Continuous Mistake

Try again. Fail better.
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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 0.5
Chapters polished total: 2
Chapters remaining: 18
Percentage complete: 10%
Reason for stopping: End of chapter. Ought to be doing other things. Except that I didn't.

Still not getting done half the things I'm supposed to be doing. Ah, well...