March 12th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

What writers aspire too...

I think matociquala says it all really:

Ideally, one does difficult things beautifully and entertainingly, while making them seem easy. But that's, yanno, well. Beyond most of us.

I'm hoping I'm at least at the "doing difficult things entertainingly without it being an obvious effort" stage, but we shall have to see.

The full conversation is here...

In other news, I'm just catching up on email and stuff after spending yesterday in Cardiff with our daughter A and her husband. I'll type up more details tomorrow, but I'll just say that I had a good time, I feel refreshed and much better about the masters course Supporting Lifelong Learning. (One reason for going was to attend the tutorial in the OU regional office.) I am not as far behind as I felt I was and two people's ideas for projects were even vaguer than mine.

It was lovely to just be able to relax, go shopping and have a natter with A. I came back with far more clothes than I went with -- fortunately it's an expanding suitcase! I actually didn't buy much, but A gave me 4 pairs of jeans which she feels are too short for her. As she said, she has some clothes that are a bit tight, but she hopes to lose a few pounds and fit into them again, but her legs are not going to get shorter, so the jeans will never fit. *g*

I had fun with the dogs. I was amused that Kiri (the Rhodesian ridgeback in the photo of me on my info page) actually watches TV. We spent a while watching some of Crufts and I commented to her, "Look, humans and doggies lounging on sofas watching humans and doggies lounging on sofas!" Theo the Rottweiler just doesn't get TV at all, though he sometimes responds to the sounds. Presumably this is to do with the fact that Rhodesian ridgebacks are sight hounds and Rottweilers are (I believe) originally cattle herding dogs.

Journey back was fine, though it was like Siberia on Shrewsbury station. All right, I exaggerate for effect, but there was a bitter wind and snow everywhere. It's just not right at this time of year. Here's hoping for some more nice warm wet westerlies.