March 26th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

First day of summer?

For no apparent reason I woke up feeling happy this morning. It wasn't that I finished all the marking. I still had 4 to do becauase I gave up at 9.00pm and collapsed to watch TV. It isn't the weather, which is warm and wet. Or perhaps it is the weather? We've had so many horrible drear bitter grey days recently that some honest-to-goodness warm wet rain from the Atlantic is like a tonic. Even if it is wet.

There was also the semi-annual ritual of adjusting all the clocks. And there are so many of them. To whit:

  • two alarm clocks (digital)

  • one kitchen clock (analogue)

  • one cooker clock/timer (analogue)

  • one clock in the conservatory (analogue)

  • mobile phone

  • Psion hand held computer

  • video recorder

  • iPod (Unless that's reset itself. *Looks* No, it hasn't. *Re-sets time*)

  • two computers (at least they adjust themselves and only ask me to check that they've done it right)

  • one car clock (again the one in my current car is self-regulating, as long as I switch on the radio, it resets itself)

  • the central heating timer

  • the one that I manage to overlook for a week or two and finally discover is wrong.

Of course that's the easy part. My body takes longer to re-set. I'm travelling to the States for the first time later this year and I really don't know how I'll cope with jet lag when the 1 hour difference of sumemer time confuses my body for weeks.
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