March 30th, 2006

island calm

Pottering around

Today is one of the days that I don't go into work until lunchtime, so I've been pottering around doing various bits and pieces to whit: put 3 more CDs on the iPod; done some washing up; texted my son to say that I won't be coming to Cardiff this weekend due to having a nasty cold; posted a message to my E845 tutor group to say I won't be at the tutorial in Cardiff on Saturday.

I still have to email fjm to say I won't be coming to London on Sunday to meet her and other LJers.

Instead the plan is to spend the weekend snuggling up and nursing the cold better. I had been looking forward to going away again, but my energy is low due to the cold and anyway it just wouldn't be fair to go meeting lots of people and giving them my cold. Sigh...

At least it will give me time to proofread the final chapters of the novel so it can be sent to first readers next week. Also I have been able to arrange for the dishwasher to be fitted and I can talk to the plumber about our plans for the new bathroom. Or showerroom as it will be after the makeover because we want to rip the bath out.
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