April 6th, 2006

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Secret Gardener on Radio 4

I caught this excellent programme on Frances Hodgson Burnett on Radio 4 as I drove into work today.

It's available on Listen Again, so if you can listen, it's well worth it.

I hadn't realised that Frances Hodgson Burnett was originally from Manchester nor that she started writing so young but actually wrote The Secret Garden quite late in life when she was living in New York.

Commenting on how Frances Hodgson Burnett had used her own life experience in the novel, Anne Fine (presenter) said that it showed how everything goes into the mulch from which stories spring. She also commented on how the book was a wonderful of example of making the ordinary seem extraordinary.

Which made me realise that many would-be fantasy writers manage to do the complete opposite and make the extraordinary seem mundane. Definitely something to watch out for and avoid.
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