April 9th, 2006

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Quizzy thing

Found via a few people, the latest being green_knight.

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As I've never been there I can't say, though I would have thought Amsterdam was more me, to be honest.

Off now to wrestle with the final scene from the final chapter. Though there is then the Epilogue to tackle before it's utterly finished. And there's a scene that I let go earlier, but which has continued to niggle me as Not Quite Right. I must go back and do a little light pruning.

But still hoping to finish today. *g*
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Writing progress

Chapters polished and spell checked today: 0.5 (plus Epilogue and tweaking a couple of scenes that were still niggling from earlier)
Chapters polished total: 20
Chapters remaining: 0
Percentage complete: 100%
Reason for stopping: THE END!

Off out now for a walk to clear my head, then I need to:

  • create a combined file of the whole novel for emailing to the readers

  • print the first 100 pages for submitting to the first publisher.

Ooh, er! This is where I start to find out what people think.

But regardless of what anyone thinks, I'm not doing any more tweaking and I intend to start serious brainstorming on the magic department in the FE college story over the Easter hols.
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